• Create your own affirmations
  • Keep them organized in folders
  • Display them in fullscreen without distractions
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Create your own affirmations, keep them organized with a clean, easy-to-use interface, and display them in fullscreen without distractions.

Affirmations can be a life-transforming technique for reprogramming your subconscious mind, with endless applications in all areas of your life.

Having an affirmation practice consists in writing down personal, carefully worded affirmations that powerfully resonate with you, and repeating them daily over long periods of time. This technique, as simple as it sounds, can have a powerful impact on your daily life, from the way you perceive yourself and the world, to the way you behave and the decisions you make, with potentially massive long-term ramifications.

With Affirmations, you can have a dedicated app in which to store all your own personal affirmations, keep them organized in folders and display them in fullscreen with a large font. Editing, sorting and moving affirmations around is easy and intuitive. You can also protect the app with a passcode or fingerprint recognition (on supported devices).

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